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Storytelling is a core part of my Illustration practice. Some examples of my work can be read here, click on the thumbnails to view.

The Thankful Village

A Horror story set during the First World War, The Thankful village draws from my time growing up in rural Somerset. The story incorporates themes around local folklore, Witchcraft and dealing with grief and trauma. Currently plans are to find a publisher for this story.

The Thankful Village cover version one_e

The Chough

In Cornish legend when Arthur is struck down in the last battle, his soul is transferred into a Chough.


Coughs or Cornish Crows are a Corvid with a red beak which were wiped out in Cornwall but made a return in 2001, Legend has it when the last Chough of Cornwall dies upon their return so shall King Arthur.


This was a personal project following research into Cornish folklore and borrows text from the works of Alfred Tennyson a Victorian poet. 

The Chough Short story cover.jpg
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